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Hygiene Appointments

Hygiene Appointments

Aash NandraWhat is a Hygienist Appointment?

A dental hygiene appointment at 92 Dental involves a 45-minute session with our experienced hygienist. All hygienists at 92 Dental have received world-class training and have worked as hygienists for a number of years.

At your hygiene appointment the oral hygienist will:
  • Assess how effective your cleaning routine is, and whether or not signs of gum disease are present.
  • Descaling and polishing will also be carried out to remove staining and tartar.
  • Additionally, the practical aspects of how to clean your teeth with the use of floss and inter-dental brushes will be discussed.
  • Maintenance and education are the aims of our hygiene appointments. At 92 Dental we hope to equip you with the skills needed to prevent any major dental problems from occurring. The shiny new smile that follows your hygiene visits is simply a guaranteed bonus.


Paula-WilliamsWhen do you need to visit the Hygienist?

We recommend that all our patients have appointments with the hygienist every six months.

  • Even the most diligent regimens of brushing and flossing require professional help to guarantee flawless oral health. For those people with particular gum problems these visits should occur more often. Our oral hygienist will guide you to how many visits are optimal for the health of your mouth.
  • Regular visits to the hygienist are necessary because plaque, which is made up of a film of bacteria and food debris that collects on the tooth surface, can easily be removed by brushing twice daily. If even a small amount of plaque is left, however, it mixes with saliva and forms hard deposits on the teeth known as tartar or calculus.
  • Tartar cannot be removed by brushing and needs professional removal by the hygienist.If tartar is left, the gums (gingivae) become very irritated and inflamed resulting in bleeding when brushing your teeth and often an unpleasant taste or bad breath can result. If left untreated this can lead to gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss globally.
  • The removal of tartar is done mechanically by dental scaling. Once tartar is removed from the tooth surface, the area will be easier to clean. Twice-daily tooth brushing and flossing can resolve any remaining inflammation.

In addition to regular visits, we would also recommend seeing the hygienist if your gums bleed during brushing, if you are worried about the smell of your breath, or if you simply want shinier teeth.

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