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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the straightening of teeth to improve the appearance of the smile and the face or to correct disordered bites. It is a great way to rectify crowded or misaligned teeth. Aside from cosmetic benefits, straight teeth are also easier to clean which improves gum health and can prevent dental disease.Modern braces can be fixed or removable.

It is growing in popularity, especially amongst adults, because modern aesthetic braces can be clear or tooth coloured, thus allowing you to get the smile you want without making it obvious.

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Why choose a specialist orthodontist at 92 Dental for your treatment?

  • Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry with its own specialist register with the General Dental Council.
  • Many general practitioners who are not on the specialist register carry out orthodontic treatment.
  • However, at 92 Dental we have a Consultant Orthodontist who has done 3 years postgraduate training to be a Specialist Orthodontist and then an additional 2 years to be a Hospital Consultant.
  • At 92 Dentalwe can assess your needs and provide you with tailored orthodontic treatment.

When should a child be assessed for orthodontic treatment?

Treatment is available and suitable for both adults and children.

  • Children can be seen for an initial assessment from about nine years of age or earlier on the recommendation of your dentist.
  • There is no age limit to undergoing a course of orthodontic treatment, although some problems may benefit from early treatment. Dental literature has reported that more than half of all 12-year-old children would benefit from orthodontic treatment.

What teeth straightening treatments are available at 92 Dental?

We are accredited to use Invisalign®, Clarity brackets, Incognito Lingual Appliances, Six Month Smiles and Inman Aligners, as well as all the other leading technologies. Typically treatment can take from 4 months to 2 years depending how severe the problem is and what the end goal is.

At 92 Dental, we offer many options of orthodontic treatments to suit your needs and budget. These will be discussed with you in detail during your initial consultation with our Orthodontist.

To help you, here is a quick overview of the main types of treatment that we offer, please click on the links below:

How much does Orthodontic treatment cost at 92 Dental?

The price of orthodontic treatment depends on the kind of treatment that you are getting and how complex your case is. 

For a full list of our treatments and prices please click here: FEES

If you are interested in having teeth straightening treatment, please call us on 020 8748 1381.