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Fillings are a way of restoring teeth that have small holes (cavities), cracks or other types of damage. This can include chipped teeth, and teeth that have decayed or suffered physical trauma. The dentist will, if necessary, clean the decay, and then fill in the damaged area using specialist materials. The end result should be a tooth that is both highly functional and cosmetically pleasing.

  • teeth with cavities often require fillings TEETH WITH CAVITIES OFTEN REQUIRE FILLINGS
  • teeth with cavities often require fillings SAME TEETH WITH COSMETIC WHITE FILLINGS

Why choose white fillings over silver fillings?

At 92 Dental our aim is to carry out treatments that are not only aesthetic, but that also provide the best long-term health outcomes for your teeth. For these reasons we use white resin bonded composite fillings, as opposed to any other materials.

  • White fillings are able to last for decades, and can be made to perfectly match the colour of your teeth. This bares a stark contrast to the silver amalgam fillings which can be seen from a mile off.
  • Another reason why we use white fillings at 92 Dental is because the old material of choice, amalgam, has been demonstrated to be harmful to the environment. This environmental harm is due to the mercury in amalgam.
  • The creation of amalgam fillings have now been banned in progressive countries such as Sweden and Norway. A worldwide ban draws ever closer yet there are still dentists in the UK who routinely place them.
  • Silver amalgam also does not bond to tooth structure, so the only way a dentist can get the material to stay in place is to change the shape of tooth cavity to a dovetail shape. This undermines the tooth’s structure, and is why so many teeth that have silver amalgam fillings crack after a few years.
  • White composite fillings, on the other hand, bond directly to tooth structure. This keeps the missing tooth material to a minimum, especially if the practitioner works under magnification. Ultimately this creates a small, very aesthetic, and durable restoration.

Who needs a filling?

A cosmetic white filling would be a suitable treatment for someone who has a small cavity, crack or chip in their tooth. Often these cracks or cavities cannot be seen unless the teeth are examined, however they can get bigger and cause a serious problem if they are left untreated. This is why it is very important to have a dental check-up at least once every 12 months.

A filling is the best course of treatment if the damage to the tooth is too small to warrant more complex treatment such as a root canal or crown. Symptoms of having a small crack or cavity include pain to the specific tooth when biting down, sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods, and food getting stuck in a tooth.

Please bear in mind that these symptoms may be indicative of other problems. It is therefore worth seeing your dentist as soon as these problems flare up.

  • grinding your teeth can lead to chips GRINDING YOUR TEETH CAN LEAD TO CHIPS
  • the same tooth is now restored with a filling THE SAME TOOTH IS NOW RESTORED WITH A FILLING

What happens when I have a filling at 92 Dental?

All treatments at 92 Dental begin with a consultation where the dentist examines your teeth and determines what your optimum treatment is. Should the best course of action be a filling, then this only takes one visit following that initial consultation.

  • A filling can usually be completed in 45 minutes. The dentist will first remove any decay or bacteria from the affected tooth. Such decay is often the cause of the cavity, and will need to be removed in order for the cavity to stop increasing in size.
  • Once the decay is removed, then the dentist will fill the crack, chip or cavity with the composite material. In some instances, some of the tooth material will have to be removed as well in order to create a better seal.
  • We will always endeavour to keep as much of the original tooth as possible. Local anaesthetic will be used to numb the tooth and the surrounding area while the treatment is happening. This numbness may last for a few hours after the treatment has ended.

If you are experiencing tooth pain and think that a filling may be a suitable form of treatment, please book an online consultation here or call us on 020 8748 1381.