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How Does Vaping Affect Your Oral Health?

Ronald Baise
26, Sep 2019

We all know that smoking is bad for your oral health. It stains your teeth, causes gum disease (and therefore tooth loss) and is one of the biggest contributors to oral cancer. Vaping has been adver ... Read More

Preventative Dentistry: A Guide

Ronald Baise
21, Aug 2019

I’m going to let you in on a secret…you can go your whole life without ever needing to see the dentist for more than a check-up and a cleaning. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? All it requires ... Read More

Baby Oral Health: What You Need To Know

Ronald Baise
28, Apr 2019

Even before your baby's teeth come through, there are still things that you can be doing to keep their mouth healthy. Baby oral healthcare should start as soon as your child is born. Fortunately the ... Read More

How to Look After Dental Implants

Ronald Baise
05, Mar 2019

Dental implants are marginally more susceptible to medical problems than natural teeth. They therefore require slightly different methods of cleaning and maintenance from the rest of your teeth. How ... Read More