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Consultation Price (£)
Examination, X-rays, treatment plan and discussion £80
Routine maintenance examination £45
Children (under 18s) routine examination No Charge
Small set of X-rays £35
Panoramic (OPG) X-ray £80
Hygiene Visits Price (£)
Routine 45 minute appointment £76
Routine 30 minute children’s appointment £49
Tooth Whitening Price (£)
Teeth whitening with custom made trays £350
Teeth whitening without custom made trays £150
Laser/Light activated teeth whitening in the practice £500
Restorations Price (£)
White fillings (depending on size and position) £160 - £250
Crowns, Bridges, Inlays and Veneers From £780 Per Tooth
Implant Restoration £1200 Per Tooth
Dentures Price (£)
Full upper and lower £1800
Full upper or lower £1000
Chrome cobalt precision partial denture £1400
Acrylic partial denture (depending on size) £300 – £900
Repairs £150
Sports Mouth Guard £80
Periodontal Treatments Price (£)
Full periodontal assessment (including X-rays) £160
Non-surgical periodontal treatment (per quadrant) £265
Surgical periodontal treatment session From £650
Regeneration of periodontal bone defects From £450
Surgical treatment of gingival recessions From £550
Aesthetic crown lengthening/”Gummy Smile” treatment £650 Per Quadrant
Re-assessment session £125
Supportive periodontal treatment (Periodontal maintenance) £125
Periimplantitis surgical treatment From £800
Implant Treatments Price (£)
Initial assessment £80
Treatment plan presentation and discussion No Charge
Complex case assessment and planning £250
Implant placement From £1300
Implant restoration £1200 Per Tooth
2nd stage (healing abutment placement) £150 Per Abutment
Regenerative procedures/bone graft using biomaterials and membrane From £750
Sinus lift procedure including bone grafting materials (lateral window technique) £1500 Per Side
Osteotome sinus lift procedure From £450
Review appointment during treatment No Charge
Extractions Price (£)
Simple From £160
Complex (surgical extraction) From £240
Wisdom tooth From £250
Endodontic Treatments Price (£)
Initial consultation £80
Incisors and premolars (simple) £660
Incisors and premolars (complex) £760
Molars (simple) £850
Molars (complex) £950
Post / fractured instruments removal £300
Review appointment during treatment No Charge
Tooth Grinding, Headaches and Snoring Price (£)
Michigan/Tanner splint (night guard) £450
Snoring appliance £450
Intra-Venous Sedation Price (£)
Anaesthetist From £250 Per Hour
Orthodontics Price (£)
Consultation with Consultant Orthodontist £90 (Excluding X-Rays)
Metal Orthodontic Braces (conventional) From £2500
Clear Ceramic Orthodontic Braces From £4000
Clear Orthodontic Braces (e.g. Invisalign®) From £4500
Lingual Orthodontic Braces (e.g. Incognito®) From £5000
Six Month Smiles and Inman Aligners® From £2250
Cancelled Appointments Price (£)
Cancelled appointments No Charge For 24 Hour Notice or £160 Per Hour