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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Dental Hygienist

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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Dental Hygienist

Your teeth and gums are not only a vital part of your overall health, they also have a significant impact on your confidence. Visiting your dental hygienist regularly can offer a number of benefits that will leave you feeling both healthy and happy. Still need convincing? Here are six reasons why you should visit a hygienist:

1. Prevent Gum Disease.

Whether or not you realise, the chances are that as an adult you have some form of gum disease. According to the NHS, almost half of 35 year olds are affected* – with the correct maintenance programme, it is nothing to worry about.

2. A Tooth is for Life…

Significant advances have been made in dental care over recent decades, especially in preventive treatment. Information and education has also improved substantially. With the help of frequent visits to a dental hygienist, more and more people are now keeping their original teeth for a lifetime, avoiding both the discomfort and costs associated with repairs and replacement.

3. Avoid Visits to the Dentist

So you don’t find visiting the dentist a pleasure? The solution – visit the hygienist! It might sound like a contradiction of terms, but if you visit the hygienist regularly and of course act on any advice you are given, you are far more likely to avoid needing to see the dentist for ongoing treatment.

4. Spot Cancer Warning Signs

As well as the basic examination of teeth and gums, a dental hygienist will also be able to conduct an oral cancer screening, looking for any early signs of this disease. Caught early, it is much more likely to be successfully treated. If you are a tobacco smoker, this is even more highly recommended.

5. Breathe Easy

Almost everybody is conscious of their breath. Whilst brushing your teeth regularly and using mouthwash will help to keep your breath fresh, it is sometimes not enough to keep you feeling confident throughout the day. If this sounds like you, you may be experiencing Halitosis. Luckily, a dental hygienist can give your teeth a regular deep clean and help you to avoid the problem.

6. Smile Like You Mean It

With your teeth in the best possible condition, you’ll be ready to grin instead of grimace when the cameras come out, whatever the occasion. You’ll also be able to go about your daily business with a smile on your face, confident that your smile will not let you down. In conjunction with your own daily oral hygiene routine, a frequent visit to the hygienist will keep you free of the plaque and tartar deposits that inevitably build up and affect the appearance of your teeth.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Dental Hygienist

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